Stereophonodon Records

I grew up studying liner notes and making mixtapes. We used to host punk shows at the community center in my hometown when we were 13 years old. I can't really describe how rewarding it was to be part of a community like that. When my bands started making music, it was natural for me to make drawings on the cds that we burned, and photocopy some weird collage to go with it.

I started  the "label" in college, basically just to put out my music and the music of my friends. It is still that, and we still try to make every release special with an extremely limited budget just like when we were 13.

Queen Jesus:



Personal Project


Dream Following


This cassette tape was a 3-color screen print job and we only made 100. We probably have about 40 left.


The album art for the second release was derived from a sketch Pat did on a napkin. Watch the music video for "Drop D" 



2-color print on white cardstock. Edition of 100 cassette tapes.


Cave People:


Cave People's Older EP. Run of 100 2-color on white cardstock. Photocopied liner notes and insert. This particular release was done in collaboration with my friend Andrew Shearer.