Paula Scher Posters

We were commissioned by Temple Contemporary to make a poster for a lecture given by Tyler alum and design champ Paula Scher. And then we did another. And then another.



Temple Contemporary




The first in the series was for a lecture on Paula's experience at Tyler as well as the subsequent years as a young designer in the big apple. Since she was speaking about her career, we referenced her early, and highly celebrated work for the Public Theater in NYC.


The second poster related to an exhibition Scher had in collaboration with a graduating architecture student, Keith Hartwig. For her part of the project, Scher invited students to help her compose a map of the city of Philadelphia. This poster promoted an event at which Scher met with the students and explained how their small modular maps would fit together to create the larger map of the city.



The third poster promoted the opening of the show. The entire gallery was wallpapered with a gigantic map of the city. The view was both overwhelming and mesmerizing. Our poster conveys that same perspective-twisting feeling of the show; initially the poster is small and unassuming, but when a viewer gets closer and literally opens it up, the poster reveals the subject of the show.

As we were leaving the show, the gallery director said to my girlfriend: "never let them use Velcro again."

This project was created in collaboration with Andrew Shearer for our freelance effort Narrator Design. Get in touch by emailing: