Homespun Records
Senior thesis project was the conception of a hypothetical record label. Homespun Records operates within and is sustained by the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The label aesthetic revolves around hand made packaging and collage to reflect the independent nature of the company's goals and the artists it promotes. The entire project was screenprinted by the designer. Project includes: branding, various music media packaging, and promotional posters. Art direction: Kelly Holohan

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 9.26.11 AM.png

The first of three physical releases is Guilt by King God. The release is a cassette tape with custom packaging and a large poster. Guilt was recorded using a 4 track tape recorder, so the cassette format stays consistent with King God's initial intent. Accompanying poster promotes a summer tour.


The second release is Grace by Pheramones. Pheramones are comprised of a drummer and a keyboard player, and the design reflects their whimsical electronic collaboration. 12" vinyl record. The back of the lyric insert is a promotional poster for the record's release.


The final release of Homespun records is a deluxe double 7" single set by the band These Elk Forever. The custom form relates to the duality of the release, as does the lyric booklet. The packaging unfolds to reveal a show poster.


Promotional posters